Dota 2: New patch, ranked season coming next week

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  Dota 2 developer Valve Corporation has announced that the next patch for the game, 7.21, will be coming alongside the new ranked season some time next week.

  Valve made its announcement through the official Dota 2 Twitter account, and added that 7.21 will be a 必发88官网 balance-focused patch. The developer also said that they are aiming to release the next hero, Mars, some time “between the end of February and early March.”

  Patch 7.20 introduced a lot of major changes to Dota 2. These included extensive hero ability reworks, updates to the map, reworks to some existing items, and the addition of new ones.

  7.20 went live went live back in mid-November 2018, with additional smaller updates 必发88官网 introduced in the weeks that followed. The latest version of the patch, 7.20e, went live on December 12 last year.

  Many have been anticipating the arrival of Mars to Dota 2, whose release was announced to be in the Winter. Mars’ release window was teased alongside the release of Grimstroke back in The International 2018 in August.

  As is typical of Valve however, Mars’ release was delayed. At 必发88 least the community now knows the definite window of his arrival and will have the release of the new patch and ranked season to tide them over until then.

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